Accelerated Learning Masterclass 

A child gradually moves from dependent learning to independent learning. Accelerated Learning Masterclass is a cohort-based course for higher grade students focussing on “How to learn”, which is missing in the regular school curriculum and productivity. 

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Empowered Parents

Parents play a significant role in a child’s early years of learning. However, it is challenging to raise a struggling reader alone. So we work together with the parent as a team to improve the child’s reading skills. The sessions are for both the parent and the child together. Following each session, a customised kit is given to the parent to follow at home until the next session. 

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Personalized 1-on-1 Sessions

We start where the child is and build their literacy skills based on their strengths. First, we conduct a child-friendly assessment to understand more about their strengths and their difficulties. Then we also do a detailed interview with the parents. Then, based on the evaluation, we conduct customised sessions for the child.