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Finally, a proven road map for students to enjoy learning. (coming soon)

“Accelerated Learning Masterclass” is the only course where students will learn how to learn and start applying what they learn from day one.

Imagine this now,

Your child wakes up and checks their schedule for the day, 
study using their organised material

rather than searching last minute from the book/notebook/printouts/saved material on laptop/phone, remembers everything that they study, 
takes time for their favourite hobbies, 
is not worried about a surprise test,
planning their future higher studies and 
most importantly,

they enjoy learning…
How would it be?? 

You are actually visualising a child’s routine after taking “Accelerated Learning Masterclass”.

I am Dr Gayathri, an educational therapist.

I have worked with a lot of kids individually in the past two years to foster the joy of learning and realise their own potential. 


Looking back...

When I was in 9th grade, my dad got me the entire entrance exam preparation books. Those books had notes for each chapter at the beginning, followed by multiple-choice questions. I really liked the books, very informative and concise in points. So I planned to study that alongside my School curriculum. I also did it religiously for two chapters. That’s it, and I was not able to follow up after two chapters. 

It was a hassle for me to study from those books every time after I learned a chapter from my textbook, along with my classwork and homework notes. It was not that I didn’t understand them or were not helpful; I didn’t know how to organise my study material. 

The School curriculum focuses more on understanding the concepts and finishing the syllabus; I wish they could also teach students how to learn. Had I known these note-taking techniques and scheduling strategies that time, things would have been very different?

However, I have precisely covered all this in the course, which is super helpful for a higher grade student, and the same exact strategies that are even beneficial for Masters or a PhD student.


Dr. Gayathri, Co-founder, Flourishing Kids

Introducing Accelerated Learning Masterclass

Cohort 2- Starting this October 1st weekend.
Here is the exact course breakdown so you can see what exactly it will do for the child. 
Module 1


  • How to tackle procrastination?

  • Setting the goals right

Module 2


  • Learn capturing tools to take notes whether in a classroom or from a textbook

Module 3


  • Learn various techniques for retention of the studied material. 

Module 4


  • Recall is the key to learning. Learn scientifically proven methods of recall.

  • Successful exam taking

Module 5


  • Learn to organise your study material using the latest technology. 

  • How to schedule your day?

How does this course work?

Accelerated Learning Masterclass is a cohort-based course span over five weekends.

Each weekend, all students meet together over a 2 hours group video call along with me

What do we do in the two hours?

  • 30 mins- Live Lecture

  • 15 mins- Hands-on Activity

  • 10 mins- Break

  • 30 mins- Live Lecture

  • 15 mins- Hands-on activity

  • 10 minutes- Q and A

  • 5 mins- Assignment discussion 

I would evaluate the follow-up assignments and give personal feedback. I also offer an optional bonus mid-week one hour call for students to clarify their doubts with assignments. 


I have explicitly designed the Accelerated Learning Masterclass for students to set in action. I have always seen students getting motivated once they actually start doing it, which would happen here too.

Here’s everything you are getting if you are joining in today.

  • How to master any subject like a game?

  • How to take smart notes? 

  • Prep much smarter by improving your recall and retain technique 

  • Scheduling planner framework and templates so you can get started immediately. 

  • A community of learners for the support and accountability

  • Bonus - Lifetime access for all the future cohorts 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Would this course work for my child?

I have designed this course specifically for higher grade students. There will be a mid-week doubt clarifying session, and the follow-up assignments make them easy to understand and apply practically. In addition, there is a community of learners along with them to feel motivated and inspired.

Q. Aren’t these techniques covered already in the school curriculum?

The techniques taught in the session are proven methods based on modern neuroscience. However, I wish the School curriculum also teaches “learning how to learn” and productivity skills.

Q. Would my child remember and implement the strategies in future?

The follow-up assignments make the child remember the strategies very well.

In addition, there would be live examples in the sessions shown from their textbooks, which leads them to how to use them in the future.

Q. I have tried various schedulers with my child in the past. But, unfortunately, it hasn’t been successful. Would this course be helpful?

I teach children using my own scheduling templates, which works for almost all children. However, the key feature introduced in the course is how to make their customised schedules.

Q. My child takes tuitions for individual subjects? Is tuition alone not enough?

The most crucial point in learning is understanding the concepts. Higher graders understand the concepts from their teachers or parents/friends. Most times, they attend tuitions for individual subjects. They even start exploring the topics on youtube/online.


Understanding the concept is alone not enough. Children have to retain and retrieve when required for an exam, understand a similar idea, or understand the next level. 

Retention and retrieval are equally important as understanding, and I have covered that in this course. 

Q. How much time should my child invest in this course? Does he already have many tuitions and more work at school?

For one week, your child has to spend 5 hours approx.   

  • Duration of session- 2 hours every weekend 

  • Assignment duration- 1 hour 

  • Implementing new techniques for their subjects -1 hour 

  • Additional doubt clarifying session - 1 hour


Well, it’s spending 15 hours over the weekend and 10 hours during the week to learn a life skill.

Q. Now, it’s my child’s exams time. What can we do?

Higher graders almost have tests and exams every 15 days once. So spending 2 hours during the week isn’t going to be tough for them. So today is always the best day to enrol for the courses.

Q. How would be the assignments? What if my child finds it difficult?

 I would give assignments based on the technique taught in the session. It would include step by step instructions along with an example, making it easy for children. There is going to be a midweek doubt clearing session also. 

The main goal of assignments is to set children in action. Always the first time implementation is the toughest. That’s why I would be there to guide them and get them started.

Q. Is it again going to be a long lecture for my child? 

Each session includes hands-on exercises and a lot of interaction. I have live examples whenever possible to make the session interesting, and it’s definitely not a long boring lecture.

Q. What to do if I Still need more reassurance?

If you still think about whether this course would help your child, check out the testimonials from students who attended the previous cohort.

See your child inside on the course.
The course is starting this October 1st weekend.

Join now before the enrolment closes soon. 
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