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Why Flourishing Kids?

Every human being wants to live a very well-lived life.  We strive for it by getting into a good school, job, or partner. We compare ourselves with others and hurt ourselves.

Only later do we realize that our purpose is to live to our fullest, not on other people’s terms. The philosopher Aristotle calls this Eudaimonia, which roughly translates to flourishing. We strive to bloom and flourish well in our own way.

Kids are naturally blessed with the tendency to flourish. We can foster this flourishing nature and love for learning with new techniques from modern neuroscience to technology. Our mission is to unleash the potential of every kid to be a flourishing human being.


The Team


Dr. V.S. Gayathri is the co-founder of Flourishing Kids. She is a trained educational therapist. She is a dentist by education but found her calling in educational therapy and working with kids.

Gayathri is a certified dyslexia counsellor. She is passionate about addressing learning challenges. More importantly, she wants to foster the joy of learning in every kid. 

Gayathri designs and runs courses for kids and parents. She also does 1-on-1 consultations for kids and parents. 

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Santhosh Guru is a co-founder of Flourishing Kids. He has also co-founded a 10-year old son with Dr V.S. Gayathri 😃.

Santhosh is passionate about learning, technology, and parenting.  Santhosh takes care of strategy at Flourishing Kids when there are no Zoom meeting problems or other IT-related problems for Gayathri.

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