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Parent and student success stories

Jhaanvi | Student | Accelerated Master Class

Akshaya | Student | Accelerated Master Class

Kalai Selvi | Student | Accelerated Master Class

Dr. Gayathri is such a fabulous trainer. Her approach towards children, techniques, teaching strategies, and most importantly patience with a smile is what makes her an extraordinary person. Initially, I thought my son wouldn't attend her sessions even for a week but to my surprise, it's already 3 months now and he is showing a lot of changes towards reading/writing and looks forward to her class.

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Mrs.Naseem Banu Homemaker


But thank god I have found Dr.V.S Gayathri. She is one of the best teachers that I have seen. My son showed improvement within a few days after he joined her class. She is very patient and courteous in handling small kids and that leads to easy learning for kids. Kudos to her and I recommend everyone to try her class once who wants their kids to shine and enjoy English in every way.

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Software Engineer


Dr. Gayathri is one of the most wonderful people I have known. She is so devoted to her work and she does a great job in helping children with reading disabilities. She makes learning fun for all the children. I admire her for her timeliness and for being the woman of her words.

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Poornima Swamy,
Founder We-Net Tribe


I approached a trustworthy person, Mrs. Gayathri Santhosh to enlighten us and she conducted a workshop, "Empowering teachers to support students with learning challenges.

Mrs. Gayathri Santhosh is packed with patience and talents. She explained to us how to name a particular difficulty in a child and gave us some guidance on how to help the child in addition to the Montessori Environment.


It was great learning. Thank you."


Mrs. Swathi Balaji,

My Montessori School


"My son had difficulty in both reading and writing. He is eight years old. I got associated with Mrs. Gayathri a year ago.


Since then, she has been working with my son helping him to overcome the difficulties in identifying the letters, writing as well as reading. I am able to see improvement in my son's writing and he is also trying to read.


Mrs. Ramya,

Montessori Teacher


I had attended the “Learning difficulties” webinar taken by Dr. Gayathri. I must say it was a wonderful and useful session, especially for teachers and people who are interested in the field of childcare.


The session helped me to understand children in a better way. I would definitely recommend the session to all my friends. I would like to thank Dr. Gayathri for this wonderful opportunity.



Social Worker


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