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Why Children's Movies Are Great For Learning?

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Don’t try to be too perfect. Don’t compare yourself with others. Everything can be rebuilt. Don’t let one single thing define you.

Aren’t these valuable life lessons? Yes, they are.

As a parent, you might have tried to teach these to your child. But, wouldn’t it be better if you could show them rather than just telling them.

You can do that by watching the animated movie, ENCANTO with them which has recently won the Academy Award as well.

Yes, most of the children’s movies, both animated and live action ones are good sources of learning because they come with a message in the right tone for kids.

Studies have stated that children who spend more time enjoying leisure activities with their families tend to do better academically, act out less and steer clear of violence.

So, a family movie night is a great idea to keep the kids learning. And, since there will be kids, watching a children’s movie is just perfect.

Let us understand how watching children’s movies can be beneficial for them.

Visualization builds their perspective: Movies can draw kids’ attention to details and help kids visualize the plot. When kids are reading something, they try to visualize it in their mind as well. Watching a similar thing on screen can help them build their own perspective as well as open their minds to new things.

Boosts Comparison and Analytical skills: In most cases, children’s movies are made from children’s books like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Tangled, Paddington, and many others. So, when they watch the movie after reading the book or vice versa, they can compare and analyze between the two. They understand the aspects which are different and how. You can also discuss WHY they think the filmmakers made the changes that they did.

Develops Creative Thinking: In a study result published in the Clinical Paediatrics report, it was highlighted how children can gain powerful insights from both the positive and negative themes in movies with the help of co-viewing. Children’s movies are created in a way that can help develop their thought process and opinions towards an issue or aspect of life.

Helps them to learn values: As mentioned earlier, most of these movies have an underlying message that is conveyed in a way which is easy for kids to understand and relate to. This in turn, helps them to learn values and life lessons. When they see something that they can relate to, it leaves a lasting impression on their minds.

Strengthens relationships: According to a group of Penn State researchers, the best way for children to benefit from both the positive and negative themes they see in movies is through co-viewing, or watching and discussing the film with a parent or other adult. This also helps in building trust and strengthens relationships in the family and among siblings. This promotes quality family time and kids surely enjoy that that most.

So, even if you are too busy with your schedule, take some time out for those family movie nights which can be not only an entertaining, but also a learning experience of both you and your kids.

Research has shown that positive messages in movies can be boost cooperation, empathy and other traits in young viewers. But the American Academy of Paediatrics also warns that violence in some movies could also result in aggression and bullying, and other ill effects. So, it is up to the parents to choose the right ones wisely and co-view it with their child so make understand in a better way.

Tell us about your child’s favourite movie or one children’s movie which you loved to watch as a family.


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