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What is Accelerated Learning Masterclass, and for whom this course is?

Accelerated Learning Masterclass” is the only course where students will learn how to learn and start applying what they learn from day one.

A child gradually moves from dependent learning from a parent/teacher to an independent learner. As a child enters the higher grades, they have to learn a lot. There are many subjects, and the portion is vast. There are due dates for each assignment and ongoing monthly tests, exams, and the list goes on.

What is the crucial step when you learn?

It is to understand the concept. Higher graders do that from their teachers or parents/friends. Most times, they attend tuitions for individual subjects. Then, they start exploring the topics on Youtube/online.

Now that the student understood the concept, what next?

They have to retain it and retrieve it when required. It could be either for an exam, understanding a similar concept, or understanding the next level.

Retention and retrieval are equally important as understanding.

Let’s take a scenario.

The child is wholly focused in the classroom. She feels she has understood the concept altogether. But when she opens the book before the exam, it appears completely blank.

So, what should have been done ideally? She should have again gone through the class materials. Now, the child is stuck here. She doesn’t know whether she should read all the subjects daily apart from her never-ending homework and pending assignments.

But is that even possible? It’s not like just repeating the multiplication tables daily.

She has to reread the entire book, notes, extra materials gathered from the School teacher, tuition teacher, advanced exam preparation materials, saved Youtube videos, ppts and printouts.

This is highly impossible. So, what is to be done?

The child has to learn how to learn and how to plan, organize and schedule their day.

I have precisely covered all this in the course, which is super helpful for a higher grade student, and the same exact strategies that are even beneficial for Masters or a PhD student.

Here is the exact course breakdown so you can see what exactly it will do for the child.

Module 1- Focus-

  • How to tackle procrastination?

  • Setting the goals right

Module 2- Capture

  • Learn capturing tools to take notes whether in a classroom or from a textbook

Module 3- Retain

  • Learn various techniques for retention of the studied material.

Module 4- Recall

  • Recall is the key to learning. Learn scientifically proven methods of recall.

  • Successful exam taking

Module 5- Organize

  • Learn to organize your study material using the latest technology.

  • How to schedule your day?

How does this course work?

Accelerated Learning Masterclass is a cohort-based course span over five weekends.

Each weekend, all students meet together over a 2 hours group video call along with me.

What do we do in the two hours?

  • 30 mins- Live Lecture

  • 15 mins- Hands-on Activity

  • 10 mins- Break

  • 30 mins- Live Lecture

  • 15 mins- Hands-on activity

  • 10 minutes- Q and A

  • 5 mins- Assignment discussion

I would evaluate the follow-up assignments and give personal feedback.

I also offer an optional bonus mid-week one hour call for students to clarify their doubts with assignments.

I have explicitly designed Accelerated Learning Masterclass for students to set in action. I have always seen students getting motivated once they actually start doing it, which would happen here too.

For more details on Accelerated Learning Masterclass, mail to


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