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How To Keep Your Kids Focused During Homework Time!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Focus, attention and concentration are some of the most important elements during the learning phase for kids. Like during their class or exam time, kids need utmost focus while doing their homework as well. We know that the attention span varies as per the age group. It is directly related to focus and concentration as well. Hence, enhancing their attention span can help them focus on their daily academic routine as well.

Some of the factors that affect attention span are:

  • Age

  • Familiarity

  • Personal interest

  • Tiredness or Hunger at times

  • Learning disabilities

  • Mood disorders

  • Mental health issues

  • Cognitive ability

Often, we have seen that there are several distractions due to irregularities in some of the above factors. When kids are doing their studies anywhere other than the classroom environment, there might be some added distractions as well. This deviates their focus and concentration levels. Many a times, we see kids failing to understand the importance of homework and not doing it properly.

Most of the times, stress, frustration, and simply not understanding the material can have a big impact on a student’s ability to concentrate, as well as his or her ability to master the material being taught in class are the major reasons for the lack of focus during homework time.

Here are some simple pointers for parents to keep their child more focused during homework so that they can finish it effectively and efficiently.

1. Plan the homework time: It is important to plan and set homework goals so that they know what and how much they need to finish in what stipulated time. This also helps in self-management and goal setting going ahead.

2. Urge them to take breaks: Planning necessary breaks Is very important. This way their focus won’t get diverted. Whenever they feel tired, you can give them a break so that later they do not get distracted. Take a 5-10 minutes break every 20 to 30 minutes. These small “brain breaks” will help your child refresh his or her mind and return to their work.

3. Give them a dedicated space: Make a dedicated space for them which is distraction-free and somewhere they feel comfortable and cozy. It is often called a study studio. Gradually, they get into a habit of concentrating more in that space.

4. Help only when needed: Urge your child to do their homework on their own and only help them when absolutely crucial. Work with them but encourage them to answer the questions and solve on their work first so that they get stronger with time.

5. Mix up subjects: Mixing it up helps them to keep their mind engaged and focused. If your child has hit his or her limit with math, switch to some other subject or assignment. Come back to any unfinished homework questions later and make them with a clearer and focused mind.

6. Reward their hard work: Give them reward(s) for their hard work. This will keep them motivated and also focused to keep on doing their best, not only during class but also while doing their homework. Keep giving them small incentives, and not something very expensive. They need to understand that they getting rewarded and appreciated for their effort and hard work.


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