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5 Things That Can Keep Your Child Occupied During Travel!

Travel is probably one of the best ways to unwind your body and soul. It is an integral part of your lifestyle. Traveling with kids can be overwhelming, but you will probably enjoy those times the most. Travel time is great for bonding with family, and some of the best memories are made during these times.

The major challenges that many parents face during travel time are health or food issues of the child, tantrums due to boredom, and keeping them engaged. Every parent might face different situations but some things are common like how to keep your child engaged and happy.

From avoiding meltdowns to keeping everyone entertained, here are some tips that will help you enjoy a fun and stress-free trip with kids.

1)     Carry their favourite storybooks: A good story time is always fun. So, carry their favourite ones or new ones from authors they love to read. For toddlers, read them during the flight or while you are in your hotel room. Also tell them stories about the places you visit, their historical facts, and other information.

2)     Pick up age-specific activity books: Activity books are a good way to keep your child engaged- mazes, colouring, and many other fun activities can them occupied especially during a flight.

3)     Word games are always fun: Word games are fun to play and educative too. Carry a pocket Scrabble or word search game for smaller kids. Even card games can be useful resources during a long flight.

4)     Puzzle packs help: Puzzles also can keep your child engaged during travel. Tangrams or magnetic puzzles can be a good resource. There are many other things that you can carry to keep your child away from screen time while traveling.

5)     Memory games you can play: Nothing better than the entire family playing a game of memory. If you are in the car, it can be a good idea to keep your child engaged in some verbal games. You can choose themes related to your trip or the places you are visiting.

To make traveling with kids more educational, you can try to incorporate learning opportunities into your itinerary (such as visiting museums or historical sites), encourage your kids to try new foods and learn about different cultures, and use the trip as an opportunity to teach them about geography and landmarks.

Most importantly, be patient with them and handle them with care so that you make fond memories during your trip. You can engage them during the planning phase and ask them what would they like to do. Let them make their list of things to do and carry. Give them tasks like journaling or being the trip photographer so that they enjoy the trip as much as you do as a family.


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