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10 Children's Newspapers & Magazines That Are Worth Trying!

Updated: May 17

Magazines and newspapers have always been great resources for reading and learning. They have updated information, facts, and opinions from across the world. 

Magazines present concise and interesting information with eye-catching illustrations to get someone intrigued about a topic. Whereas, children’s newspapers give up-to-date information about what’s happening across the globe along with exciting activities for kids. 

Parents often find it challenging to decide on the right reading material other than books for their child. Because various factors like age, range of topics, readability, interest etc. plays a crucial role. 

Here are 10 kid’s magazines and newspapers in India that are apt for different age groups and can be amazing resources for reading & learning. 


RobinAge: It is a bi-weekly newspaper for children aged 4 to 15 years. Each edition contains 20 pages of news and general knowledge along with a 4-page Activity Sheet and an 8-page Jr RobinAge supplement. It has amazing content including stories, features, activities, and much. It is one of the most popular children’s newspapers in recent times. 

KidsAge: This is also a popular kid’s newspaper with a huge reader since 2006. They have been very successful in combining education and entertainment, making it very popular amongst kids, parents, and educational organizations. They cater to different segments for children from Kindergarten to class 8th. It has been awarded by the Limca Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, and India Book of Records for being the most innovative newspaper. Wet & Reveal, Glow in the Dark, Coded, 3D, and Solar Active are some of their special editions.

Young World: This is the children’s newspaper from The Hindu. They offer segments on science, history, entertainment, and many other topics. It is also full of challenging quizzes, arts and crafts, interactive games, and more. 

TOI Nie: This is the newspaper edition for students from The Times of India. There are several interesting sections and features for kids. Most schools across India opt for this newspaper for their students. The student contribution section, interactive sections on the website, Nie Awards, etc. are their popular columns. 

The Children’s Post: A daily digital newspaper for kids curated by moms, this one is popular in the parenting community. Starting with the notion of getting kids to read a newspaper daily, they bring both National and International news along with fun facts for kids in a simple language. 


Amar Chitra Katha and TINKLE: ACK has been our reading companion for decades. TINKLE is a fun-to-read 72-page monthly comic magazine, that every parent can remember reading in their childhood. Each issue contains several stories, some revolving around adorable cartoon characters like Ramu and Shamu, Suppandi, Shikari Shambhu that feature regularly in the magazine. Every issue also contains a fascinating science or general knowledge feature, a do-it-yourself craft activity, puzzles, jokes, a book review, and features on experiences the young readers have had.


The Children’s Magazine:  A small beginning was made in 1991 by publishing a fortnightly for children. This publication underwent many changes in size and appearance and gave birth to The Children’s Magazine as you see today. The very fact that the publication in English for children is in print for more than two decades is a testimony to its readability and acceptance by children and their parents. The magazine focuses on children in the age group of 4-9 years.

ChampakThis is a children’s fortnightly magazine named after a tropical flower found in India. It contains modern stories for children with a moral tone, comic strips, puzzles, brain teasers, and jokes that sets the child’s imagination free. It is available in both English and Hindi. 

NatGeo KidsThis is a monthly magazine, from the National Geographic team, loaded with interesting facts and details on animals, nature, and everything in the world with wonderful pictures that kids can relate to. It is perfect for ages 6 and up and guess what their posters in every issue are a great keepsake for kids!

Highlights Genies: This is a magazine specially designed for kids aged between 2-6 years of age. It has picture puzzles and activities like making a pizza or pie with step-by-step pictures. Every issue has cutout cards that can be a fun activity for kids and can also be used for card-matching games, etc. 


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