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Hello, I am Dr. Gayathri

I am a certified counsellor and an educational therapist. I am the co-founder and practising educational therapist at Flourishing Kids. My passion is in working together with kids having learning challenges and fostering the joy of learning in kids.  

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My Story

I strongly believe that every child is uniquely gifted and has the potential to make history, all it takes is persistent effort to guide and inspire them to do it.


Having completed different multi-sensory programs, I have developed an individual approach for every struggling learner and have mastered the art of teaching children. As an educational therapist, I use special teaching techniques and support these children to overcome their difficulties and enjoy learning. By being patient, encouraging, and caring, I positively influence children and pave a path of discovery and creativity in their young lives.

Having taught many children with learning difficulties, I understand the problems they face and I can support them and also help parents and teachers like you too. I offer a 15-minute phone call with me to gain more insight regarding your child’s needs, during which we can develop a suitable plan to instill confidence in your child and help them with all his/her learning difficulties.

My credentials

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My Journey


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